Online Registration for the 2014 ODBA Social Tournament

Thank you for registering with the ODBA Social Tournament!  This year, the tournament will run Sunday, April 27th, 9am to 6pm at the Long fields Davidson Heights Secondary School (LDHSS).  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Only 16 teams of Men's Doubles, 12 teams of Women's Doubles, and 16 teams of Mixed Doubles will be accepted into the tournament.  There is a Waiting List for those that register after an event is full.

You will be responsible for finding your own partner, please do not enter "partner request".

16 Men's Doubles
12 Women's Doubles
16 Mixed Doubles

How to Pay
Mail a $25 cheque:

aged: 19+
level: casual or lower

Round Robin
1 game per match
30 points per game